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What is Daxue Start

Daxuestart is providing service for companies of any size and sector that are new-comers in China.



Daxuestart has served more than 100 new-comers in China to assist them in their arrival strategy and help them to shortly optimize their strategy of expansion on the Chinese market. It includes projects in the food industry (babyfood, infant formula and alcohol), the IT sectors, the clothing and sportswear, the e-commerce, the elderly sector.

Setup your operation in China

Daxuestart is activating initial sales for companies entering the Chinese market with a lean approach:

  • Low level of investment,
  • Targeting a money-making niche (identified through data-driven research),
  • Activating maximum 3 client acquisition tools and investing resources on them,
  • Responsive approach through 2-to-3-month plan (marathon) divided in weekly plan (sprint),
  • Strategic insights and quick activation of the strategy,
  • 4-step-to-the-epiphany (Steve Blank) approach.

Lets take one example – a French entrepreneur setting up a wine business in China. Its ambition is to produce, market and sell a high-end wine in China. Daxuestart is contacted for assisting the market entry.

As a first step, Daxuestart suggests to leverage proven methodologies and provide an extensive research project about the Chinese high-end wine market, its competitive framework as well as ideal distribution and marketing strategies.

Daxuestart can conduct a comprehensive desk research on the high-end wine industry, in-depth interviews (competitors, distributors and market experts), focus groups of market experts, store checks.

Then, Daxuestart will synthetize the findings and provide the client with a business plan (marketing and operations plans, sales forecast).