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What is Daxueventurestudio

Daxueventurestudio is a start-up studio based in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong-Kong, leveraging the dynamism of Greater China to establish and promote world-targeting companies.



A start-up studio is neither an incubator, neither an accelerator but an organization that is organically generating new ventures with experienced entrepreneurs or professionals and then joined by junior profiles supporting operations and growth of the created businesses.

DVS is raising funds to finance its internal new ventures through its network of international investors. The tempo of fund-raising is based on activated and proven ventures at work, in other words, funds are requested when there is a need to scale  and after confirmation of the ability of the business to be eventually money-making.

Generating new ventures leveraging the China’s dynamism

Daxdigital focus on

Lets take one example: 


To know more about DVS and invest in available in-house projects, send an email to