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closing a company in China

Daxue Talks 55: The procedure for closing a company in China

In this China business vlog, Nicolas Coster, a French business lawyer, talks about the nuances that businesses face when closing a company in China.

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  • 00:27 What are the risks to be aware of when we want to close a company in China?
  • 1:05 What is the procedure for closing a company in China?
  • 1:40 How long does it take to close a company with no bankruptcy procedure?
  • 2:05 Any difference between Joint Ventures or WFOEs or Legal representatives when it comes to closing a company?
  • 2:37 Are there any big differences between China and Europe and the US in terms of closing a company?
  • 3:36 Is there any chapter in China similar to chapter #11 in the US, which allows a company some time to survive?
  • 4:14 What happens to the employees when a company closes?

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