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Daxue consulting-Daxue consulting consultant-Daxue’s team: Christina Ding

Discover Daxue’s team: Christina Ding

Can you introduce yourself and your background?

I was born in Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan province. I graduated from Sichuan University (SCU, in Chinese 四川大学) with a degree in Communication Studies. Then, I went to Tokyo to continue my studies and earned a second degree in Information Studies from Tokyo University (UTokyo). Before joining Daxue Consulting, I worked for two years as an analyst in a strategic consulting firm in Japan.

What are you doing for Daxue Consulting?

As a Project Manager at Daxue Consulting, I am responsible for planning and conducting research, collecting and organizing data. I am also in charge of managing the budget and some team members. At the end of the project, I present the findings and recommendations to the client.

What recent project did you work on? Do you have a particular sector you like to work on?

I am currently working on two projects. The first is a German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances. The project consists of executing a mystery shopping campaign, to check the staff performance and sales performance, and make customized recommendations on how to improve the client’s business. The second project I work on is for a European Out-of-Home advertising corporation. The main to define the corporate strategy for monitoring the Wi-Fi service at the Shanghai Airport.

My favorite sector is healthcare, which is a very promising industry in the future because Chinese society is placing an increased emphasis on a healthy lifestyle.

What recent news did catch your eyes in China?

One of the recent news that caught my interest is the Chinese tech company Meitu’s (美图) IPO in Hong Kong. Meitu is known for its selfie app, live streaming app, and they also sell smartphones designed for selfie-taking. Within the last decade, the Hong Kong Exchange has not seen a technology offering of this scale. I read that shares should start trading on December 15th.

Any hobby in Shanghai? Where would be your first choice for a dinner / party in Shanghai?

I like hanging out with my friends, going to see stage plays, and shopping (mostly in stores). My first choice for dinner in Shanghai would be a hot pot restaurant called Xiao Long Kan (in Chinese 小龙坎). As for the parties, I would choose The House of Roosevelt (in Chinese罗斯福公馆) that offers a great view of the Bund.