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Lin Lu | Project Manager

Discover Daxue’s Team: Lin Lu

Can you introduce yourself and your background? Lin Lu | Daxue Consulting

I was born in China and moved to the UK to complete high school. I graduated from Bath University with an Economics Degree. I spent one summer at Harvard University studying psychology and decision sciences. For my Master in Management Science, I enrolled at London School of Economics. I had a research placement in a consultancy company in London that helps non-governmental organizations and charities in the social sector. Afterward, I came to China where I worked in a strategy consulting firm. Before joining Daxue, I completed a strategy consulting project for a local logistics company.

What are you doing for Daxue Consulting?

As a project manager, I create the research templates, collect and analyze the data, and write the recommendations for the clients. Recently, I created a training program for Asian Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to provide them with the necessary information on how to export to China.

What recent project did you work on? Do you have a specific sector you like to work on?

I am currently working on a project for a French wine Association. The main purpose of this research is to find out the differences between the company’s marketing activities and promotions and those of their major competitors. The second project I am working on is about the processed food industry in China. I conduct research on the process flow for each type of processed food and look for processed food manufacturers, potential partners, and machinery providers.

What recent news did catch your eye in China?

I have read about the new concerns regarding the “One Belt, One Road,” which is a development strategy and framework that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries, primarily between the People’s Republic of China and the rest of Eurasia. Many investors have voiced concerns about the associated risks stemming from the politics of some of the countries encompassed by the strategy.

Any hobby in Shanghai? Where would be your first choice for a dinner / party in Shanghai?

My hobby is traveling both in China and abroad: I like meeting different people and experience the life within different cultures. Recently, I visited some Asian countries like Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh. I don’t have a favorite restaurant, but I enjoy discovering new vegan places.