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Economy monitoring tools in China provides the means to government officials, development managers and businesses to better understand the current environment. Daxue Consulting’s China monitoring tool service involves the analyses of past evolutions, services, plans, resource allocations. Results are provided clearly and accurately.

Most monitoring tools are limited to a single scale however Daxue Consulting can focus on specific cities, industries and scale by involving its large network across the country. The Chinese economy is facing permanent changes that require an on going systematic collection of information, accessing to our large database and capacity is a real advantage to make decisions. Daxue Consulting can reach flexible and efficient costs thanks to the formation of systematic custom teams of experts.

Frequent updates on global economic development of rising countries like China can be performed by Daxue Consulting with many different economy monitoring tools, methods, and approaches. We assist our clients to choose the right tools and exploit them according to any kind of purpose and use.

Economy monitoring importance

Monitoring is practiced in all corporations; however various indicators interfere in corporate governance. To solve this issue, Daxue Consulting adopted a unified monitoring approach that allows businesses to go from surviving to thriving in the economic environment.

We reveal precise and detail oriented monitoring tools to reveals potential weaknesses of programs and enables top management teams to adjust decisions before poor outcome occurs. The expertise of Daxue Consulting strengthens the knowledge of the higher executives, leading choices and orientations to reach advanced quality. Any changes whether positive or negative of the target group can lead to the need of adapting for maximum efficiency

In the case of deficient monitoring, such as irrelevant tools, results become improper and damage the corporation’s performance. Daxue Consulting erases the risk of self-exoneration or personal tactical objectives orientated monitoring tools.

The customer will turn towards the competitor with no concern. Our proactive monitoring approach makes sure problems are identified before occurring. Pro-active actions are set up with Daxue Consulting and increase the possibility to innovate on time and invest into the most profitable future markets.

Types of economy monitoring tools in China

economy monitoring tools chinaProactive and unified monitoring tools are produced by Daxue Consulting. Updates vary according to the availability and actual demand of certain data. Daily information is useful for exchange rates, equity markets, interest rates, stripped bonds and emerging market bond indices. A monthly data is provided for high-technology market indicators, industrial production, consumer prices and trading goods indices.

The most broadly used monitoring tool is a performance indicator. They are supported by large data collection, involving analysis and reporting, sometime resulting from formal surveys. Key stakeholders of companies often ask top managers to support their decision with many performance indicators to understand and trust the decision choice.  The effectiveness of this tool is nevertheless arguable since there is a tendency of defining too many indicators with limited inaccessible data sources and producing a poor measure of success as a whole. Formal surveys are another way to monitor. They are used to collect standardized information from a selected sample of people. Those provide baseline data to compare with, and describe more precisely condition of a particular segment. Those are limited by their cost and require a lot of time with proper computer support to record answers depending on their type. In addition, the formal form of the survey inhibits the interviewee and key elements may be distorted or even unrevealed.

Another very popular economic monitor is expenditure tracking. Public expenditure tracking surveys track the flow of public finds and determine the average allocation of targeted groups. Quantity, timing and type of services are analysed deeply. Those often reveal the largest amount of information especially to diagnosis problems but Chinese agencies limit the informational flow.

It allows early feedback, correction of problems, and gives access to the likely impacts of programs.

Many other methods, evaluations, and approaches can be proposed by our customized teams of experts such as the logical framework approach, the participatory methods, the cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis and impact evaluation. We advise the exploitation of several monitoring tools in China to associate ideas and trends of the fast changing economy.


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