A/B Testing in China: A High Potential Market

Because of its young years, A/B testing in China is still considered both new and a niche market. However, firms that are able to capture a piece of this expanding and growing pie can come out as being immensely successful.

What is A/B testing?

A B Testing in ChinaA/B testing, sometimes referred to as split testing or bucket testing, allows firms to gauge user reactions to different versions of websites or applications. The goal is to improve the conversion rate and consumers experience. A/B testing is a form of website optimization, which permits businesses to make a better-informed decision using statistics and data. Half of the traffic will be given access to the original version of the web page or the control while the latter half will be given the new version or the variation. Data will be collected from these two groups to determine which features have a higher volume of purchases. From this, firms are able to improve their websites and applications that cater better to consumers needs and experiences. Discovery and Sony are a few of the many examples that have seen immense success from A/B testing. The former increases its user video engagement by 6% and the latter increases purchases on its website by 20%. Even Barack Obama, the president of the United States, have benefited from A/B testing. During his campaign for the presidency, with the help of A/B testing, Obama has 40% more email subscribers than before. Businesses, or in this case campaigns, can attain higher efficiency and effectiveness in its online presence using data and numbers.

A/B testing Worldwide

Worldwide, many firms are providing A/B testing to a third party website optimization companies. However, none is catered specifically to China and its growing market. Google Website Optimizer, which is a free service from Google is one of the alternatives. However, with Google being banned in China, services are often disrupted and disconnected. Nonetheless, it still managed to be on the top three players with the largest market shares. Currently, the top three players for the A/B Testing market is Optimizely at 23.9%, Mixpanel at 23.11% and Google Website Optimizer at 14.74%. With none of them being based in China, the A/B Testing market in China is believed to have high potential that has yet to cultivated.

A/B testing in China

Chinese Consumers in ChinaSplitforce is one of the first A/B testing firms actually based in China, in addition to its other office in New York. It partners with Unity Technologies game engine to provide A/B testing for game developers and programmers to better understand the Chinese consumers. It allows hassle free A/B testing because Unity has the capability to launch several versions of the game without the need to resubmit the new version to the app store for approval. Different versions can easily be controlled from the server side, promising seamless testing operation and data collection. Splitforce is optimistic, although new, as it has garnered up to 100 clients in a short period of time. Based in both New York and Beijing, it has rivals in both places. Game Analytics, Playnomics, and Swrve will be competing for market shares in New York while Umeng is a formidable opponent in China.

Altima is another recent start-up who is determined to snatch a portion of this growing Chinese pie. Altima provides e-commerce expertise through the many services they offered. From strategic consulting, all the way to training, clients can improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Altima has offices around the globe with two being based in Beijing and Shanghai. Altima is one of the many growing examples of firms joining in the race of A/B testing in the booming Chinese market.

A/B testing is still relatively new in the Chinese online market, particularly the game industry. Although it is still considered a niche market, there is room for expansion and growth. However, it is important to note that, unlike the American or European consumers, the Chinese consumers are significantly less likely to purchase a software of application. That will definitely be a challenge that A/B testing players will need to overcome.

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