Air pollution is a major concern in China, not only outdoor but also indoor. Matthieu David-Experton, CEO and founder of Daxue Consulting, explains: “As air pollution is part of the daily life of Chinese, some companies have invested in anti-pollution masks that would pair with fashion standards. For inside air pollution, it is much more functional, and some schools have bought air purifiers pressured by the parents who were actually willing to pay for it. Air cleaners are common devices for Chinese families as much as heating or A/C is.” If you want to know more about the effects of indoor air pollution in China and why indoor air quality matters, click here to read more.

The client demanded a pre-market entry research

Daxue Consulting’s client, a European firm providing air purifiers and smart devices for monitoring indoor air pollution, sought to enter the Chinese market. Therefore, the company approached Daxue’s research team to assess the market size and its key players, to help them understand targeted consumers’ primary concerns towards indoor air pollution in China, as well as their needs and expectations with regards to monitoring and purifier devices.

The extensive research project step by step

Daxue Consulting initiated the project with a comprehensive desk research to gain an overview of the market related to indoor air pollution in China, its size, trends, regulations, and policies. The consultants proceeded with identifying current market players in the industry and executed an in-depth competitor analysis by distinguishing the segments of air cleaners and air quality detectors. The team detected the top brands among them and analyzed their market share, as well as their product portfolio, price range, and primary distribution channels.

Furthermore, Daxue Consulting executed social listening to gain insights into citizen’s awareness of indoor air pollution in China and the research team analyzed the searching frequency of project-related keywords and app downloads.

As a next step, the consultants designed the questionnaire and parameters for the consumer survey. Daxue Consulting, therefore, utilized its uniquely developed app and online platform which enables nation-wide reach and ensures reliable data-collection while having respondents with different characteristics concerning age, gender, region, or income, for instance. The survey helped the team to gain essential insights into

As the last step, Daxue Consulting executed market sizing. Therefore, the consultants narrowed down the potential consumer market in China to the target market, namely people concerned about indoor air pollution in China, deriving from the previous steps of the research while considering the intensity of the rivalry.

The outcome: Valuable insights and strategic recommendations

Finally, Daxue Consulting cross-analyzed the gathered data from the different research phases and provided the client with an extensive report. It included an overall overview of the demand considering the variances among the customer segments, regional differences, and the competition. Furthermore, the report encompassed in-depth insights into the targeted consumers’ main concerns and expectations towards indoor air pollution in China, as well as towards related devices, and the research team gave suggestions on the best strategy route for the client’s entry.

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