Industries (Manufacturing) in Jiangsu

Focal Points of Industrial Restructure in the Period of the Tenth Five Year Plan (2001-2005). During the period of the Tenth Five Year Plan, Jiangsu Province will fully embody that informationization promotes industrialization, take the new and hi-tech industry as the first developing strategic industry, and at the same time speed up to apply new and hi-tech, especially electronic information technology to transform and promote pillar industries and traditional industries. A. Electronic information Industry Around the requirements of developing of information industry and promoting industrialization through informatization, speed up to build a base, form a software industry, emphatically develop three major kinds basic electronic products and five major kinds leading products. B. Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Focusing on the biologic engineering medicine, new chemically synthesized medicine and Chinese medicinal herbs, speed up to construct a batch of developing and production bases for the products of biologic medicine superiority, cultivate and strengthen a batch of key products, study and improve a batch of critical technologies. C. New Material Industry Develop new electronic materials, new inorganic non-metal materials, energetically develop eight major kinds of new materials which are new style building material, the substitutes for Freon and fluorochemical material, new synthetic fiber material, functional metallic material, special powder material, new synthetic resin and engineering plastic, Nami material etc. D. Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Industry Emphatically transform and develop six kinds of products which are environmental protection machinery, farming machinery, numerical controlled machine tools, engineering machinery, electrical appliances for electrical engineering and machinery elementary components, Promote the manufacturing to be serialized, specialized and of scale. E. Petrol and Chemical Industry Emphatically make breakthrough in the four areas of petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, chemical farming fertilizer and agricultural chemicals. F. Auto Industry Further accelerate the cooperation with large transnational corporations, speed up to develop new generation economic traffic vehicles, fully promote the technology and manufacturing level of the chassis of light vehicle, a variety of coaches and vehicles with specific use. G. Ship Repairing and Manufacturing Industry Focusing on large and medium size ships, emphatically develop hi-tech, hi-additional value and hi-ton ships such as bulk cargo ship, rolling loading ship, refined oil ship, container ship, special chemical ship, large floating shipyard, special engineering ship, large power mechanically-operated ship and ground-effect ship with wings. H. Textile and silk Industry Energetically enhance the denaturing treatment of spinning and weaving fibers, enhance the technical updating of spinning, weaving, special post-treatment, finished clothes design and production. Develop producing new textile raw materials that are differential, superfine and containing. Develop light and thin woolen cloth of hi-count-yarn and fine weaving, high-count-yarn-dyed cloth. Develop decorative cloth of wide width with large drawn flowers and industry used cloth etc. I. Metallurgy Industry Emphatically optimize the structure, increasing the technical portion and additional value in products, and increase the ratios of hi-quality steel, alloy steel, sheet tube and some kinds in shortage. Develop products with hi-additional value and special products such as thin cold rolled stainless steel sheet, superior metal products, hi-performance aluminum complex materials, functioning materials and their extensional products; J. Building material Industry Widely use new technology, develop energy saving and environment protecting building material, different kinds of light sheet new wall materials. Develop decorating and fitting materials such as new waterproof material, heat insulating material, building coating for internal and external walls, colorful plastic steel door and window etc. Develop new building material such as glass steel complex tube, aluminum plastic complex tube. K. Light Industry and Food Industry Emphasis will be laid on the development of high grade and superior new domestic electrical appliances featured with high intelligent, effective and energy saving. Develop painting cloth paper, copper sheet paper, hi-grade stationery paper. Engraft and transform the food industry with biological new hi-technology, developing nutritional, health care, convenient and green food energetically. L. Electric Power and Energy Resource Industry Completely implement the strategic adjustment of the structure of electric power, changing the unitary structure of coal electricity, developing nuclear power steadily, increasing the amount of electricity from outside gradually, actively utilizing natural gas to generate electricity, developing hydroelectric power adequately, making an effort to explore power generating with new energy resources. Construct large capacity super-critical power generating units, enhance clean coal technology such as cycling fluidized bed and dust removing, sulphur removing technology, strengthen the construction of major arterial nets, and perfect the distribution grid. Strengthen the technology reconstruction of coalmines, accelerate the clean-coal technology, get rid of the lagged productivity, and realize safe production. M. Commercial Trade Industry To establish and perfect a commercial trade circulation system that is standard, open, ordered and competitive, and improve the integration of in-provincial, out-provincial and overseas marketing. Actively accelerate new forms and transformations of the commercial trade industry. Energetically develop chain-operation, and speed up to realize that the chain-operation develop from unitary form to multi-forms. Organizedly develop large comprehensive supermarket, actively develop specialized shops and franchised shops, speed up the construction of centers facing society and covering all industries, develop the sales agency system for wholesale goods, and encourage large wholesale and retail enterprises to develop the agency of brand-commodity.