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Market Research on Aupres in China

Aupres is a brand designed for Chinese consumers in December, year 1991. It belongs to a jointly owned company SLC, owned by Shiseido and Beijing Liyuan(北京丽源) Company. It introduces the advanced management methods and technologies of Shiseido, and receives wide welcome from young people in China.

During recent years, many brands are competing fiercely in China’s cosmetics market. However, Aupres received consumer recognition with its good quality, considerate service and bright brand image ever since it came to the market. Its annual turnover has been growing at a speed of 30% per year, and consumers can buy products from special counters in over 700 big department stores all over China.


Current Products

Currently, Aupres’ products include: Balancing, Trans-White, Suncare, DX, Tternal Total Recharge Cream, Radiant Beauty Creamy Foundation and Cle de Peau BEAUTE. In 2006, it launched its high end product series: Supreme Aupres, and raised its brand image to the high end market. This series has its exclusive special counter colored in black and purple. In addition, noticing that men are increasingly aware of their personal care, it also launched personal care and beauty products for males.

In 2008, Aupres renewed its brand image, both in products and in services. It classified the consumers’ needs, and developed different products to cater to the different types of skins.

In year 2010, SCL reached an agreement with Van’s Department Store in Sofitel in Wanda, Beijing(北京), and began strategic cooperation. Van’s is a fast developing chained department store. With this cooperation, Aupres, following Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden, will be sold in Van’s all stores.


Market Campaign

Currently, SLC’s headquarters is in Beijing(北京), and has 21 subsidiaries all over China to take charge of its business. As one of China’s mainstream cosmetics brand, SLC has become the bestselling subsidiary of Shiseido outside Japan.

Aupres has invited many famous Chinese stars to be its spokesmen and spokeswomen. Chen Kun(陈坤), Sun Li(孙俪) and Bai Bing(白冰) are now all speaking for it.

Edited for Daxue Market Research China

Credit Photo: Nipic