Daxue consulting is an experienced media consulting firm in China, and can help brands optimized their media strategy. The Chinese media industry covers a broad range of categories, from traditional media forms such as telecommunication and print, to new media forms such as digital marketing and social media marketing. It is constantly experiencing digital transformation as the advancement in both technology and infrastructure continues to reshape the way information is consumed. Daxue consulting can help clients navigate the complex media industry and optimize their digital strategy in China.

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Understanding China’s media industry

The market shares in the Chinese media industry is very polarized. Although some firms remain as dominant players, many are not coping well in the rise of the digital era. Media consumption has been rising for the Technology, media, and Telecom (TMT) sector. However, the industry ranking fell eight spots from the 2013-2017 period to the 2014-2018 period. Therefore, a media consulting firm in China gives companies within the strategic advics on business model and operational efficiency improvement in accordance to the new technology developments.

Digital Marketing in China

Digital marketing in China includes SEO, paid search, web analytics, social media marketing and much more. It is becoming extremely important as the whole Chinese media industry is becoming increasingly digitalised. With customers rely more heavily on the internet, TMT firms in China are required to recognise and integrate digital marketing as a part of their overall business strategy and marketing plan. However, all digital marketing strategies will have to be built upon clear understanding of customers and their online touch points along the customer journey. A media consulting agency in China can help clients convert their traditional strategies to digital ones.

Incorporating digital marketing as a part of customer journey

Consumer research in China is important for TMT firms in China to identify the channels that would best reach their consumers, and understand typical Chinese consumer behaviours at different stages of consumer journey. Daxue consulting incorporates digital marketing strategies along the consumer journey whenever it is required.

The following explains the digital marketing methodologies used at different stages of consumer journey:

According to consumer preference, A/B Testing or eye tracking may be conducted. As a media consulting firm in China, daxue consulting employs A/B testing that allows brands to testimate user reactions and engagement to different versions of websites or Applications, while eye tracking analyses the pattern of target consumer’s response to a specific stimulus. We are able to tell you what users see and ignore utilising such methodologies, and thus give advice on how to increase conversion rate and recommend more effective ways to improve website usability.

TMT firms in China often serve as distribution channels to reach end consumers. In order to understand what channels consumers’ favour or what aspects lead to their tendency, we conduct online surveys tailored to specific research need. This methodology will allow your business to target the right customers in respect to your needs, and examine the rightful communication channels favoured by your customers.

Diary research is an example of what can occur in this stage. This digital marketing tool will help media firms in China capture real-time online behaviours of mobile phone users and understand Chinese consumer insights. Most importantly, online touch points can be identified to effectively help businesses plan digital marketing campaigns in accordance with consumer needs. As digital channels are the most impactful sources nowadays, diary study will allow media firms in China to test out the best ways of connecting consumers online.

Digital marketing strategy in China

Daxue consulting adopts a step-by-step digital strategy approach. This methodology will create hypothesis for TMT firms in China to optimize user experience on different platforms, both for traffic generation and on-site conversion. Digital marketing is indeed a great way to increase traffic conversion. However, the average conversion rate across platforms is usually quite low. This means that there are still opportunities that lie ahead in digital marketing.

SEO in China

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing strategy in China. Successful SEO in China will allow a firm improve its brand awareness and its e-reputation. Media firms in China will especially have to understand SEO on Baidu as it is the dominant search engine used in China that operates 70% of the total market share. Daxue consulting can give you advices on SEO optimization and help you achieve an ideal organic ranking amongst Baidu search results.

SEO in China
[SEO is a service of our media consulting firm in China]

Social Media Strategy in China

Social media strategy consulting is one specialty of our media consulting agency in China. Social media plays an important role nowadays as it is integrated with every aspect and every part of Chinese consumers’ lives. Managing social media will not only help improve results of SEO optimization in China, but also will help target, reach, and convert consumers. Therefore, social media marketing tactics and tools will need to be adopted to generate a successful social media strategy in China. Moreover, ever evolving social media technology means that the social media strategy will have to be updated regularly.

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Reach consumers with the right social media strategy in China

In the vast social media environment, reaching the right potential consumers will be the key to success on social media platforms. Daxue consulting can help firms identify the right target customers, and determine which social media platforms serve as the best channels to reach them. A successful social media strategy in China will catch a potential consumer’s attention at the right place at the right time. We can also assist to enhance your online presence and help you reach your consumers with more engaging content.

Incorporating business Intelligence in China as the Chinese media industry becomes increasingly data-driven

Business Intelligence in China allows TMT firms in China to identify the most valuable information across vast amount of data in the Chinese media industry. As the TMT firms in China is becoming increasingly data-driven, daxue consulting can help your firm organise structured and unstructured data to determine new business opportunities. We adopt dashboard and data visualisation tools that would tie disconnected data together, and give data-driven strategic advices on future decision-making. i.e., a real-time monitoring dashboard summarizing social impact of marketing campaigns is designed to the need of marketing and advertisement companies.

Utilise daxue consulting’s expertise in media consulting in China

Daxue consulting can give reliable advices and useful information on strategic planning, decision-making, etc. We offer media consulting in China using our expertise to provide you with analytical-driven or data-driven information that would give more comprehensive insights into channel choice, consumer behaviour and online touch points.