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Distribution and Supplier Screening

A valuable tool for brands that want to enter or expand in the Chinese market.

A distribution and supplier screening is a type of consulting service that helps businesses find and evaluate potential distributors and suppliers for their products or services. This service can help businesses reduce the risks and costs of entering new markets, expand their customer base, and improve their supply chain efficiency.

When to opt for a distribution and supplier screening service

This service is especially relevant in China, where the distribution landscape is complex, fragmented and dynamic. There are many types of distributors and suppliers, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and preferences. Finding the right ones can be challenging and time-consuming.

A distribution and supplier screening consulting service can also help mitigate risks and pitfalls, such as fraud, legal issues, or poor performance.

What Distribution and Supplier Screening in China brings you

Optimized supply chain

A distribution and supplier screening can help find the most suitable suppliers and distributors for your products or services

Risk mitigation

Verifying the quality, reliability and reputation of potential suppliers and distributors can reduce the risk of frauds and legal issues

Profitability improvement

Identifying a reliable supplier/distributor can mitigate risk of supply chain disruptions and poor performance, and consequently maximize profit

Distribution and Supplier Screening in China's related services and methodologies