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Start-up scouting

In an era of rapid innovation, collaborating with startups in China is the key to unlocking transformative opportunities and staying at the forefront of industry evolution.

Startup scouting in China is the strategic process of identifying and assessing startups that exhibit promising technologies or innovative business models, all with the intent of uncovering potential co-creation or partnership opportunities. This initiative serves as a conduit to introduce novel concepts to both global and local management teams, aligning seamlessly with the client’s ongoing business needs.

How we conduct a start-up scouting


Our team will conduct a scope assessment to align with the client’s innovation needs and define practical applications in various business scenarios.


Our project team will compile a key player list in the local tech ecosystem to identify innovative partners ready for collaboration.


Our consultants will conduct interviews, matching clients with key partners for co-creation and competitive offerings.


We’ll mediate discussion, guiding the development of innovative ideas for leadership pitches and resource allocation.

When to opt for a start-up scouting in China

Engaging in startup scouting in China serves as a strategic step toward infusing innovation and exploring fresh market potential. In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, it becomes essential for organizations to tap into diverse startup ecosystems. This dynamic environment introduces novel concepts, catalyzes growth opportunities, and nurtures partnerships with promising startups. The initiative unlocks the gateway to transformative solutions, aligning seamlessly with your ongoing business goals. Overall, the choice to embrace startup scouting in China is a forward-looking strategy, breathing life into innovation and market expansion.

What Start-up scouting brings you

A fresh source of growth

Through startup scouting, companies discover growth opportunities via collaborative partnerships with startups.

Foster innovation culture

Exposure to innovative concepts nurtures an innovation-driven culture within the company.

Enhanche technological skills

Scouting equips the staff with technological know-how and brings valuable market insights from external players' commercial experiences.

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