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Why Packaging testing in China?

Before launching a new product, packaging test is highly required, especially in a Chinese market where the way to consume is sometimes misunderstood. Product Package design consists of brand message, color, shape, front, logo, name and image. Packaging testing in China can be one of the winning factors of your market entry and new product launch.

Every major product brands in China put great efforts on product packaging to ensure an appealing design and a clear message. The printing, color usage of the product, the exterior design and the easiness of opening all are important factors for customers from different regions to choose a product. Generally speaking, the appearance of a new product will directly influence consumers’ perception and attitude towards purchase behavior. That is why Daxue Consulting, as main marketing agency for new comers in China, developed a solution of Packaging Testing in China. Through the highly recognized methodologies and expertise of its team, Daxue Consulting will insure you the most effective and low-risk launch for any product in China.

When drafting early stage design, questions should be asked to generate a preliminary idea. What’s the shopping habit of clients in that category? How long do consumers spend in front of the shelf? How carefully will client read label? How do shopper interact with the package before, during and after usage? To answer these question and assist you in drafting your possible packagings, Daxue Consulting can set up in store observation, quantitative survey or even use new technology such as eye tracking or shopper experience records.

After observation stage of shopping behavior analysis, in-depth interviews (focus group) should be the next step. Does shopper choose the product base on the color, design? How frequent will client apply to the product? Does consumer conduct purchase base on brand only?

Daxue Consulting will conduct these focus groups to answer all these questions and to understand how to draft the best designs and packaging when it comes to face Chinese consumers.

In-depth packaging test

Qualitative research method such as focus group is the most common method to acquire in-depth point of view from consumers. The purpose is to get the most accurate, sincere and spontaneous feedbacks on this packaging test.

On the early stage of new product package design, consumers’ opinions on competitor design’s feedback also need to be collected as benchmark to see what the overall expectation of the market is. Research can be designed with questions on divers dimensions, in terms of color, package, shape, text front and logo, these virtual tests reflect respondents’ preference.

Five aspects should be closely pay attention to as interview guideline.

  1. What’s the value the packaging design delivers to Chinese Consumers?
  2. Perception and feedbacks on Competitive packages
  3. The uniqueness, and how to differentiate from the packaging of competitors
  4. The compatibility of the packagingdesign with brand
  5. Price expectation due to the package design

For all the services listed above, daxue consulting has developed the resources and research network to provide them throughout China + Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although based in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, we are used to travel in China for our clients and know very well the specificities of each area of the country. We therefore work in the following cities:

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