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Shenzhen Economy 1

Located in east district of the Pear delta river mouth of Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao megalopolis in south-eastern China, Shenzhen, the most thriving and dynamic area near Hong Kong and an important coastal communication hub, Shenzhen, has formed a characteristic economy featuring high-tech industry, logistics, finances and information services. The city’s market economy system has been increasingly perfected and it has a high development and consumption potential promoting the economic and social development of China.

Unique geological and cultural environment of Shenzhen has created Shenzhen economy featuring openness, tolerance and innovation. Culturally speaking, Shenzhen is a newly emerging immigrant city with an activation of inland culture and the absorption and fusion of foreign culture oriented toward Hong Kong. Geographically, Shenzhen is the only city that owns seaports, airport and land ports in China. At the same time, Guangshen, Shenshan, Jingjiu and Guangshen expressways connect Shenzhen and Hong Kong more closely. The regional advantages of Shenzhen are highlighted for Shenzhen economy to thrive.

Shenzhen is booming from its pillar high-tech industry. The output value of high-tech industry accounted for 46% of the total industrial output value. It renovates traditional industries by making use of high technology and advanced applicable technologies. Known as a production base, R&D base and transaction base of high-tech products including computer and parts, communication equipment, audio visual products, optical and electromechanical products, biological engineering products, etc, Shenzhen has become an electronic supporting center in mainland China with an annual supporting ability of over 30 million sets. Shenzhen has over 1500 factories producing supporting parts of computer, which produce almost all computer parts except chips. There are over 30 million lines for communication and exchange. China International High-tech Result Fair is held in Shenzhen once every year. It is such a grand fair attracting thousands of high-tech industries from home and abroad helping boost investment and trade.

Shenzhen presents to the world a city of youth and innovation and it is growing with its creative economy. “Encourage innovation and tolerate failure” has been the city’s driving force for cultural innovation industry.  As an exemplary case of Shenzhen’s cultural innovation industry, Shenzhen animation industry facilitates the city’s endeavor to build the first one-stop platform for animation production, which comprises studio-design, financing, production and selling. Animation industry makes high profit in developed economies, while in China is the opposite. With a complete production line, Shenzhen is now the base for animation industry and it makes great contributions for moving the Chinese animations towards the international cultural market. Shenzhen National Cartoon and Animation Industry Base was set up in 2006 with international influence and strive to achieve the goal of introducing Chinese original cartoon and animation to the world. A Shenzhen-based, nationwide and overseas-oriented strategic development pattern enables Shenzhen to focus on original animation productions and strive to create more leading companies in animation industry with international competitive capability. The number of domestic animated cartoon has achieved unprecedented growth in production with the animations produced export value amounting to RMB 12 million.