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Accounting Beijing

The Chinese accounting standards are the whole range of rules used in mainland China; indeed, it does not include Hong Kong or Taiwan. This system is quite distinctive as it is based on rules and regulation from the time when the state owned most of the economic components.

That is why it is sometimes hard to understand for Western companies, used to their home-country standards. Chinese system is less based on profit and more about company’s possession, which make it quite harder to understand and mainly to control for a foreign management.

SJ Grand is a company offering accounting and tax expertise in China for foreign company investing in China.

SJ Grand has an international team with strong local expertise

SJ Grand

SJ Grand has office all over China, to offers localized service and responsiveness to all clients. In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, SJ Grand’s team offer cost-effective services in corporate tax management, payroll monitoring, audit and accounting solutions.

The multicultural team of SJ Grand insures an easy follow-up with all kind of companies, from all over the world. This is specifically important as accounting in China is today one of the most sources of difficulties for foreign investments. The strong experience of this kind of issues and the great expertise of the China’s regulation and law of SJ Grand thus can be crucial for new comers in this market.

SJ Grand is in particular specialized in delivering customized service in Tax in China, Outsourced payroll service and financial auditing.

Assisting foreign company in their competitive tax strategy

SJ Grand team core service is to help its client in the design of efficient competitive tax strategy in China. The staff uses its strong experience in China, seeing year after year the evolution of the tax regulation and the complex governance, to provide the best advices for a strategy building in China.

SJ Grand co-workers also take advantage of their large network among tax offices in China to keep their clients updated about all the latest news in tax system and regulation.

Alleviate exposure to administrative error in payroll management

Monitor and control payroll in China can be a risky task to handle alone. Many foreign-invested companies have got unintentional problems because of a lack of knowledge on China specific administrative requirements. SJ Grand provides specific solution supporting every step of these long and arduous monthly processes. The knowledge of administration and rules in China of SJ Grand is a guarantee for you to get a reliable and non-risky follow-up.

To let its client be ahead of competition, SJ Grand provides regular financial audits in China

China economy is a constantly evolving environment and financial sector are not exception. To make sure that its clients continue to be ahead of competition and have strong responsiveness with all the change of the market, SJ Grand organizes a regular, efficient and complete financial audit in China.

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