Market study: Smartbox in China

What Is Smartbox?

Smartbox is a new concept of sending gifts. It allows users to choose a bundle of gift cards and activity/getaways within a given theme and gift it to others. It has an attractive appearance and is easy to use. It also offers a variety of different themed gift boxes and each gift box is supplied by high-quality businesses for users to choose.

Different types of Smartbox gift boxes in China

Price range: 148 to 1,498 yuanwith 8 different themed gift boxes

1. Epistemic learning experience: selecting more than 55 kinds of specialty courses.

2. Full of Fun: selecting about 40 kinds of entertainment activities in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

3. Delicious Food & Delight Time: selecting 30 specialty restaurant in Shanghai.

4.Outdoor Adventures: selecting about 50 kinds of outdoor activities in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

5. Perfect Therapy: selecting 60 beauty therapy services in Shanghai.

6. Cheerful Trip: selecting 30 special hotels in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

7. Interesting Trip: selecting 34 boutique hotels in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

8. Royal Experience: selecting 34 luxury hotels in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

Smartbox’s experience in the global market

Smartbox is already successful in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Denmark and many other countries. In 2008, its business expanded to Ireland, Canada, Japan, Brazil and the United States. In 2009, it expanded further into Australia and Austria and finally in 2010, it expanded to Mexico, China and Norway.
Currently, Smartbox provides more than 350 kinds of gift boxes in the global market, selecting more than 10,000 unique experiences for its consumers. The company sold more than 3 million gift boxes by 2009. So far, more than 8 million users have used Smartbox.

Development of Smartbox in China

According to a market study in China, Mr. Pierre Stanley, Smart & Co’s founder, founded Weekendesk, a French company in cooperation with a Belgian entrepreneur in April 2003. This introduced the Smartbox gift concept to the French market.
The company’s vision was to create a carefully wrapped gift that was aesthetically appealing yet simple and easy to use. Mr. Pierre Stanley wanted to change the gift-giving experience away from the traditional box of chocolates or flowers to something fresh and interesting to consumers.
In September 2007, Mr. Pierre Stanley acquired shares from his Belgian partner, and renamed the company from Weekendesk to Smart & Co. Soon after, Smart & Co’s products elevated and achieved the highest gift box product sales in the European market. Due to the company’s internationalization strategy needs, the company changed its product name from Weekendesk to Smartbox.
In January 2011, Smartbox entered into the Chinese market under the Chinese name: Xin Yibao.

Daxue Consultant China (market study in China)


Picture Source: Smartbox