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Start a Wine Business in China

How to start a wine business in China?

Reliable Marketing Analysis

The marketing analysis of a wine business includes different parts. Firstly, you have to know more about the wine industry in China. Do some market researches on the industrial future, the distribution channel, the customer trend as well as the competitors’ situations. The positioning of the wine bar is another important thing to do. The positioning includes targeting consumers, prices of wines and the style of bars.

Determining the best location for the wine bar

If you decide to open a wine bar, and have already done the marketing analysis, the next problem is to find the best location.

1 The club street is a good choice. Because of the total atmosphere here, there are always many people looking for wine and hoping to have fun in the evening. But the disadvantage is the fierce competition among lots of bars in a bar street. You must have your own specialties in order to have a stable customer group in such places.

2 Choose the places where educated group residents. Open a bar for them to have a good time in the evening but the price of wine should not be too high.

3 The tourism spots and business central areas are good for opening a bar. Because there are continuous clients from the places of interest and the business hotels.

Decoration of the wine bar

Choose a most appropriate decorating style for the bar is the key to success. Thinking about the size, the function and the structure of this bar. The mark mugs and glasses for wine should be enough as well as the sound system.

Staff arrangement of the bar

It is important to select good waiters and waitresses for the bar. Do some training for them regularly during the work. Give the clients best service and polite smiles during their stay in the bar.

These are the basic rules to open a wine bar in China.