Selling Cosmetics in China: Analysis of the Cosmetics Market in China

selling cosmetics in China

Analysis of China’s beauty and personal care market Since 2011, the cosmetics market in China has seen sustainable growth. In 2018, the market size of cosmetics industry in China reached 3.69 billion RMB. From 2010 to 2018, the average growth rate of the market size had maintained at 7.87%. It is expected that the average […]

Comparison of market research in China vs the West: what you may not know about market research in China | daxue consulting

market research comparison china

The common Framework of Market research Market research is important in helping organizations to make informed business decision by collecting insights and using data. Through market research, a company could identify the potential growth possibilities and risk factors by learning about the consumer market, the local cultural and the unique challenges of the industry.  Market […]

Car Distribution in China

Market Overview on the Automotive Retail in China: Pangda Groupi, Yaxia Automobile and Grand Orient,  Zhejiang Material Industrial Zhongda Yuantong Group With the accumulation of wealth among the rich in China, cars are now a daily necessity. Market model of distribution channel of car sale is analyzed in Chin. The future of the car retail […]

The malls in Hong-Kong

Malls in Hong Kong: Pacific Place, Times Square, The Landmark, Harbour City, Festival Walk etc. Hong Kong shopping malls are some of the biggest and most impressive in the world. In a city which is shopping mad, Hong Kong’s shopping malls feed the populations insatiable desire for shopping. Hong Kong enjoys a profusion of shopping […]

Start a Wine Business in China

How to start a wine business in China? Reliable Marketing Analysis The marketing analysis of a wine business includes different parts. Firstly, you have to know more about the wine industry in China. Do some market researches on the industrial future, the distribution channel, the customer trend as well as the competitors’ situations. The positioning […]

World Famous Brands’ Online Retail in China

General Overview on the Online Retail of Luxury Brands These years the online retail is on the highway of developing. According to the IReseach, the total value of online retail in the year 2011 has reached 800 billion Yuan. Online retail occupies 4.3% of the whole value of retail. With the change of consuming habits […]