The AI technology in Chinese factories

AI in China

In 2016, the Chinese government made a commitment to its Three-Year Guidance for Internet Plus Artificial Intelligence Plan that would focus on funding and the development of AI, which will boost its economy. At a subsequent year, the State Council released a New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan which contained details on China’s strategy to […]

Emotional data in China: when emotions become measurable | Daxue Consulting

emotional data in China

Emotion is a universal language, difficult to decipher, and very particular. What if brands today were able to know how a consumer feels when he/she sees an advertisement or enters a store? How would this change marketing? Daxue Consulting has dived into the field of emotional data in China and gives you all the keys […]

China’s ambitious artificial intelligence vision | Daxue Consulting – Market Research China

artificial intelligence Asia

 China has embarked on an unprecedented effort to master artificial intelligence. AI is an important facet of Beijing’s ‘Made in China 2025’ blueprint. Supplementary to this endeavor, in 2017, China published its “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” (新一代人工智能发展规则) which laid out China plans to become the world leader in artificial intelligence, with a domestic […]