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What the success of bubble tea in China reveals about Chinese consumers

Bubble Tea in China

With more than 140.5 billion RMB of annual sales made by milk tea shops in 2019, the success of bubble tea in China is well proven. If you are lost among all the new entrants to the market, the latest innovations and the dynamics of the sector, this article retraces the history of bubble tea […]

Beverage market research: Mineral water industry in China

Mineral water industry in China

Chinese people used to get groundwater from the pump, but nowadays, most people drink boiled tap water. Sometimes consumers also buy mineral water, distilled water or purified water. With the growing demand for bottled water, so many water producers are active in the water industry with specific market strategies and distribution channels. Thus, water becomes […]

Sparkling wine in China: will demand match supply?

Sparkling Wine in China

Contact us to know more about the Sparkling Wine industry in China at,  The consumption of wine in China has risen progressively during the twenty-first century and is showing no signs of decline. Indeed, the International Wine and Spirit Research Institute predicts that in 2016 3 680 000 000 cases of wine will be […]

Champagne market in China

champagne market in China

Promotion Strategy of Champagne on Domestic Market Champagne importation still booming in China? According to statistics from the Comité Champagne (CIVC), the Chinese mainland has imported a total of 1,633,146 bottles of champagne in 2013, with a decrease of 18.35% over 2012, ranking 15 worldwide. The total imports value is 24,390,461 euros. The same statistics […]