How to Develop a Brand in China

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How to Develop a Brand in China Not too long ago was it that there were only few “global” brands. But now the barriers to international trade have lowered, and more and more small and medium-sized businesses can see “compete on an international scale” as a realistic goal – and achieve international success. So, you […]

Market report: Hilton in China

Hilton: the hotel empire Hilton International Hotel Group is the branch of Hilton Group Company, whose headquarters lies in England. It has the right to use the trademark ‘Hilton’ in all countries in the world except for America. There are 261 Hilton hotels, 142 Scandic Hotels that aim at the middle class market. and 18 […]

Market study: Ritz Carlton in China

Ritz-Carlton is under the administration of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and it has now over 38,000 employees and over 70 hotel properties. As the world’s first class luxury hotel brand, Ritz Carlton has always promoted its history of tradition ever since it was founded in the 19th century. Due to its association with nobility and luxury, it […]