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Biem.L.Fdlkk: Behind the Chinese golf brand with the wackiest name ever

Biem.L.Fdlkk the Chinese golf brand with the weirdest name

Many travelers in China have likely passed by the Biem.L.Fdlkk store at a train station or airport, wondering about the brand’s peculiar name. Today, the mystery behind the unconventional name of this Chinese golf apparel brand is finally unraveled. The crazy English name comes from the phonetic transliteration of the Chinese brand name “比音勒芬” (bi […]

How to name a brand in China

daxueconsulting_brand naming_barnd naming process in China

Matthieu David, president and founder of Daxue Consulting, shares insight on the importance of a professional approach to company/brand name in China. The process of naming is a tricky one, even if it seems easy and obvious, it is always better to consult with experts in this field, who know the market and all pitfalls. Among other […]