Happily unmarried: A peek into singles economy in China

singles economy in China

As the population ages and the national birthrate keeps on declining, China undergoes another deep transformation which will leave a mark on the country’s social and economic structure. According to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, from 2014 on, the amount of marriages gradually dropped over the years: in 2019, about 9.3 million couples tied the […]

More powerful than “I love you”: Gift giving culture among Chinese couples

gift giving culture among Chinese couples

Across many cultures, gift giving has stuck out as an important way to express love and commitment in a relationship. China’s gift giving culture expands far beyond romantic relationships to include family, friends and even business relationships, but gift giving in romantic relationships remains tradition during China’s six valentines days. Although feminism is gaining momentum […]

The dating industry in China: Meet the APPs bringing China’s singles together

dating industry in China

With a high pace of modern life, Chinese people are finding it more and more difficult to balance work and personal life. This leaves a lot of singles without life partners, especially in big cities. With the high levels of stress from work, they have no time to cultivate relationships with friends nearby but only […]

Why Astrology is popular in China

astrology in China

A trend to watch for marketing to young women Astrology is defined as “The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.” It originated from the western society. Nevertheless, astrology is popular in China and has affected Chinese people’s daily lives […]