Marketing Research: Starbucks in China

Marketing Research: Starbucks in China More about coffee market in China Starbucks in China. Business Week and Interbrand have listed the top 100 global brands (market study in China) and Starbucks Coffee ranked in at 91st overall thanks to its $3 billion brand value. The company has spread its business to many countries over the past 30-years. […]

Market research: China Steel market

China steel market

Market research: China Steel market China steel market has been topping the list of steel production for many years, leaving far behind the other countries in terms of production volume. This is largely connected to high economic growth and manufacturing development of the country, which requires building material for massive construction. Thus steel production, manufacturing […]

Entry of Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation in China

Playstation in China

Entry of Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation in China In January 2014, China has lifted a 14-year-old ban on foreign gaming consoles: based on the concern that it might have negative impact on children, the ban was lifted within Shanghai’s free-trade zone, and consoles, can now be sold all across Mainland China. Our focus is on […]

7-11 Shops in China

There is no doubt that 7-11  has become the world’s largest convenience store chain. it has set almost 7,000 stores in Japan and 5,000 in America. In summary, there are more than 17,000 7-11 shops in in 200 contries all over the world. The first 7-11 shop opened in Japan in 1974. Then its development has grown rapidly and become one of the […]

Market Analysis in China: Coffee Shop Retail Chains in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Recently, with many foreign brands entering China coffee market, coffee shop retail chains develop rapidly. Relying on its own characters, every brand successfully expand all over the country. As the number of consumers in China coffee market is growing up so quickly, the competition is far more intense than ever before. Our team of consultants in Beijing, Shanghai […]

China research: China customs

This article gives a brief introduction about China Customs. China Customs is the organization responsible for the flow of goods into and out of the country. This article will particularly concentrate on the tariffs issued by Customs. Tariffs are the taxes placed on imported or exported goods. It is mandatory and its rate is pre-set […]

Market Research: Investment Corporations in China

In China, investment corporations are a kind of financial inter-mediation, whose main function is to gather money from individual investor and invest in multiple stock securities and other assets. We all know the saying ‘Do not put all eggs in the same basket’. The basic idea of an investment company is to collect capital and pool the […]

Mkt Research on Burberry in China

Burberry Wants to Expand to 100 Stores in China Burberry is a British luxury fashion house, distributing clothing and fashion accessories and licensing fragrances. Its distinctive tartan pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. After the Lehman crisis, the world luxury brands all shifted their sales center to China, hoping this growing […]

Market research: Coca-Cola in China

China is the hometown of tea. Especially after the reform and opening up, the market for drinks in China developed rapidly. Due to the rapid speed of the growth in China’s soft-drinks industry, it has potentially become one of the biggest industries in China. The Financial Times reported that the CEO of Coca-Cola once said that China was the […]

The Market of Soft Drinks in China

Soft Drinks in China: classification Soft drink is defined as either manmade or natural drinks that contain alcohol less than 0.5% in mass. In China, soft drinks are put in the following categories: Carbonated drinks, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Mirinda, and 7-Up. Fruit juice drinks, like Huiyuan(汇源),Guolicheng(果粒橙). Vegetable juice drinks, like Nongfuguoyuan(农夫果园). Dairy products […]