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China’s metaverse: The next frontier in retail

daxue consulting China's metaverse report

In 2021, the Chinese government set Metaverse technology development as an objective for the country’s economic growth. With government incentives and a strong interest from Chinese consumers, Chinese tech giants have aggressively invested in Metaverse technology and applications ever since. VR enhanced gaming is of course one of those applications, but those technologies apply far […]

Exploring the Metaverse in China: Who is investing and could it be regulated?

Metaverse gains traction in China

Metaverse is the latest technology industry buzzword as Facebook rebranded itself to Meta. Metaverse crypto tokens such as MANA soared high following the announcement. One day after, the Chinese search-engine tech giant Baidu applied to trademark the term ‘metaapp’, while Chinese gaming giant NetEase also filed dozens of metaverse-related trademark applications. The trademarked phrases include […]

Foodtech in China: Is this the answer to national food self-sufficiency?

Foodtech in China

China’s most popular C2M platform Pinduoduo has recently overtaken Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba as China’s top shopping site. Although Pinduoduo is now king among Chinese E-commerce platforms in active users, it has yet to achieve profitability. So in order to become profitable, Pinduoduo is now focusing on Foodtech. As executive director Xinyi Lim puts it: […]

Chinese Brand Endorsements in American Movies

Transformers 3 and Chinese brands On July 21 2011, Transformers 3: Dark of the moon was shown in mainland China. Many audiences recognized  four Chinese brands in the movie: Meters/bonwe, Lenovo, TCL and Yili. This is the first time so many Chinese brands have had such high-profile exposure in a major Hollywood movie. Meters/bonwe: M-Tee […]