Foodtech in China: Is this the answer to national food self-sufficiency?

Foodtech in China

China’s most popular C2M platform Pinduoduo has recently overtaken Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba as China’s top shopping site. Although Pinduoduo is now king among Chinese E-commerce platforms in active users, it has yet to achieve profitability. So in order to become profitable, Pinduoduo is now focusing on Foodtech. As executive director Xinyi Lim puts it: […]

Chinese Brand Endorsements in American Movies

Transformers 3 and Chinese brands On July 21 2011, Transformers 3: Dark of the moon was shown in mainland China. Many audiences recognized  four Chinese brands in the movie: Meters/bonwe, Lenovo, TCL and Yili. This is the first time so many Chinese brands have had such high-profile exposure in a major Hollywood movie. Meters/bonwe: M-Tee […]