China Paradigm Transcript #104: Tackling an expansive market: From food delivery business to teeth straightening products in China

teeth straightening products China

Find here China Paradigm episode 104. In this interview, Lucas Englehardt tells us about his two contrasting businesses in China: the food delivery platform Waimaichaoren and the oral care business xixilab, which offers teeth straightening products in China. Full transcript below: Welcome to China Paradigm, a show powered by Daxue Consulting, where we interview season entrepreneurs […]

Market Overview: the Toothpaste Industry in China

To know more about China’s market, contact us:  Following the skin care and hair care, the oral care products occupy the third largest portion of the daily chemical industry. As the largest section in the oral care industry, toothpaste accounts for 77% of the total sales value. In 2012, the sales value of toothpaste […]