Chinese heating appliances: how will the European energy crisis impact the industry?

The frequently mentioned Nord Stream is an offshore natural gas pipeline network in Europe that spans from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea. The said pipeline is utilized to deliver billions of cubic meters of gas from Russia to Europe each year, making it a critical component in ensuring energy security in Europe. However, […]

How can Chinese restaurants adapt to eating out behaviors in Europe?

Eating out

The EU is home to 5.9% of the world’s population, 6.7% if we include the UK. Despite the relatively small proportion, Europe accounted for one-third of the global food service industry in value in 2019. Pre-COVID, Europe remained a stable market with +0.9% compound annual growth rate since 2014. This development is mainly driven by […]

Comparing Chinese and Western consumer habits

western consumer habits

Daxue consulting has launched its 7 Continents initiative to help Chinese brands reach the global market, including market research on western consumer habits. To learn more about our global strategy consulting for Chinese brands, visit our 7 Continents page. China’s economy has expanded rapidly and its middle-class has risen during these past years, resulting in […]