Chinese consumption during the 2021 Spring Festival reached 821 billion Yuan

Chinese consumption during the 2021 Spring Festival

The Chinese lunar New Year is traditionally the greatest human migration in modern times. However, in 2021, the traditional custom of returning home during 2021 Spring Festival was not encouraged due to a few local outbreaks of COVID-19. These inconveniences did not stop Chinese consumption during the 2021 Spring Festival. The total volume of Chinese […]

COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumption

COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumer behavior

COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumption had unique outcomes in every industry. For example, mobile games and short-video markets experienced tremendous growth, while restaurants and services struggled to make ends meet. What Chinese people did at home during the epidemic The main lock-downs of the Coronavirus epidemic in China lasted over two months. However, as China’s […]

China’s Middle Class: An Emerging Market

China's Middle Class

China’s Middle Class and its consumption pattern The World has witnessed China’s rapid economic growth since the beginning of 21th century. Meanwhile, its prosperous economy enables great numbers of people to join China’s middle Class, who are more affluent and have greater personality. The Chinese emerging middle-class consumers bring many opportunities to foreign companies in […]

Reaching China’s Consumers

Reaching China’s Consumers China today becomes a territory where most foreign marketers hunting for opportunities.They cannot find other places that are more appealing than China market with the advantages of this market—largest population in the world—and the rapidly increasing consumer spending. However, It is a special economic operating system, with different customs and unique consumer […]