Tech Gadgets: The Poster Child of the Chinese Market for Alzheimer’s

Daxue Consulting- Chinese Market for Alzheimer’s

Breaking down Challenges in the Chinese Market for Alzheimer’s Disease                The Chinese market for Alzheimer’s disease–a medical condition estimated to cost the country $1 trillion by 2050, according to a 2016 report published on EBioMedicine –has long been stuck in a jam of medical bottlenecks, adverse cultural norms, and […]

Why will the elderly be the greatest burden of Chinese society?

Chinese elderly

It is no secret that China’s population is aging: in 2050, the Chinese elderly over 60 will make up 39% of the population compared to 15% now. Nonetheless, China has not reached the level of prosperity of its developed counterparts such as Japan or European countries and has specificities that could make this issue more […]

Nursing home in China: A potential growing market

Nursing home China

China has become an ageing society, which offers immense opportunities for foreign senior care providers, but a lack of clear government guidelines and other misunderstandings of the market may hinder some investment plans, so it is of great importance to understand this market before entering. Market background & Current Situation This paragraph gives a quick […]