The circular economy in China: Why should foreign brands know about it


The circular economy has been a widely discussed topic in China. However, although it is still the direction that China is aiming for, the country may most likely not implement dramatic policy changes in 2022. Stability is the top economic priority for 2022 as Xi Jinping is securing a third term in power and the […]

Shared wardrobes in China: Fashion flop or next frontier in China’s circular economy?

Shared wardrobes in China

According to Euromonitor data, the retail scale of China’s apparel market in 2019 reached 2.19 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.29%. China’s fashion market is huge and has maintained a growth trend in recent years. China Commercial Industry Research Institute predicts that China’s apparel market will reach 2.4 trillion yuan in 2021. As the […]