Chinese Travel Shoppers 2022 Whitepaper Download

We have collaborated with iClick Interactive, a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform in China in releasing a Chinese Travel Shoppers 2022 Whitepaper. Click to download the Chinese Travel Shoppers 2022 Whitepaper The whitepaper provides an overview of the travel retail market in China, with a spotlight on Hainan, as well as a macro-view of […]

Marketing research: Haagen-Dazs in china

In 1921, Reuben Mattus invented a type of ice cream made of pure natural materials and formally named it Haagen-Dazs in 1961 when brought the product to the American market. In 1983, Haagen-Dazs made its first attempt to enter the Singapore and Hong Kong market after having successfully spread its product all over the world. […]