From soda to tea to alcohol, how ready-to-drink (RTD) brands compete in China’s expanding market

coca-cola in china

Main segmentations of Ready-to-drink (often known as RTD) in China market include alcoholic RTD and non-alcoholic RTD. Alcoholic RTD, mainly alcopops, refers to certain flavored alcoholic beverages with relatively low alcohol content. Non-alcoholic RTD comprises many different types such as RTD coffee, RTD tea, soft drink, juice, energy drinks and dairy-based drinks. According to the […]

Chinese’s dairy products consumption

Consumption of milk and dairy products is rooted in dietary habits in Western countries. They are countries which have today the largest consumers led by Europe. Finns hold the world record for milk consumption with more than 150 litters per year and French are leader in the consumption of butter and cheese. In Asia, the […]