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China market research: The expansion of the Chinese diaper market | daxue consulting

diaper market in China

At the turn of the millennium, the Chinese diaper market was practically inexistent. In fact, until that moment, Chinese Families had relied on the so-called split-pants —in Chinese 开裆裤Kai Dang Ku. These baby pants have a large opening right on the backside of the garment, which is specifically designed to allow the toddler to relieve […]

China market research: Diapers in China

A decade ago, China’s market for disposable diapers was nearly nonexistent. Families used a combination of cloth diapers and “split pants,” baby pants with a large slit in the back that support the traditional method of potty training. Today, the Chinese diaper market is exploding and major diaper brands expect it to continue to grow. […]