How are brands paving a greener path in China’s automobile, beauty, and fashion industry?


Under the reality of global warming, sustainable business practices have become increasingly important to align with the shift in Chinese consumers’ purchasing decisions toward greener alternatives. With the efforts of education on sustainability, flourishing exposure to social media, and the government’s commitment to carbon neutrality, sustainable transfer has accelerated among Chinese people, especially within younger […]

Green Guilt: The present and future of sustainable consumption in China


Environmental sustainability has become a growing trend in China, not just for PR strategy, but a necessity. Recently, it has been further emphasized by the impact of COVID-19 and the government’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. Apart from businesses, we believe that consumers have the power to shift demand to greener alternatives. As […]

Green consumption in China: the lesser-known ‘side-effect’ of COVID-19 for brands


Green consumption refers to consumers’ preference towards environmental-friendly products. The awareness of sustainability in China and green consumption has been a growing trend in pre-pandemic times and Chinese consumers have been increasingly motivated to choose eco-friendly and social-friendly products for the sake of protecting the environment. This has been proven by a number of recent […]

The circular economy in China: Why should foreign brands know about it


The circular economy has been a widely discussed topic in China. However, although it is still the direction that China is aiming for, the country may most likely not implement dramatic policy changes in 2022. Stability is the top economic priority for 2022 as Xi Jinping is securing a third term in power and the […]

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands in the Chinese Market

sustainable brands in china

Ever since the Copenhagen Fashion Week has officially launched its sustainability Action Plan 2020-2022, more brands and designers have started focusing on environmental-friendly fashion. The three-year plan has encouraged the fashion industry to reduce carbon emissions and resource waste, which is an important goal for upcoming years. Sustainable development is imperative for all industries, especially […]

Market research: Light bulb market in China

China will phase out power-draining light bulbs within five years in a move to make the world’s biggest polluting nation more efficient. This is certain to impact the global market. China will ban the import and sale of 100-watt-and-higher incandescent bulbs starting October 1, 2012, in an attempt to save energy and curb climate change. […]