Chinese-Swedish entrepreneur in the market for fitness apps in China develops a unique product/service to target local’s paid fitness market: China Paradigm transcript #21 with Tom Xiong from Move Shanghai

Entrepreneur develops fitness app in China

This transcript is based on our interview with Tom Xiong, a serial entrepreneur and a key figure in the market for fitness apps in China. He is the founder of Move Shanghai. Move Shanghai is one of the most interesting players in the market for fitness apps in China (explore how and why China’s fitness industry is […]

Fitness Centers in China: Adapting the Demand of Chinese Consumers

To know more about the Fitness industry in China, contact us at  Fitness Centers in China Over the past 20 years, Chinese fitness centers moved from wealthy people’s trend to an essential for all. As the living standard for Chinese people increase, people are more concerned with their health. China’s fitness center begin late, starting around […]

Fitness Industry in China: What are the Trends?

Fitness Industry in China

Throughout 2015, fitness has become a hot topic in China. The rise of square dance brings a healthy lifestyle for the elderly generation after the retirement. National fitness has become a wave. The Internet has changed people’s concept of fitness, greatly promoting the development of the fitness industry. With the increasing demand, China’s fitness industry […]