How Daxue Consulting Uses Co-Creation Workshops in China

workshops in China

What is a co-creation workshops in China and how does Daxue Consulting use this methodology? A co-creation workshops in China consists of interactive sessions in which a small group of consumers explore a problem and generate solutions together, sharing out-of-box ideas and taking into account their different approaches, needs, and points of view. This type […]

Focus on Retail for Cars in China

Early in year 2006, it has been predicted by the world’s leading market research company, AC Nelson, that the rising level of consumption tax and fuel surcharges did not lower people’s desire to buy cars. Instead, the car retailing industry in China showed strong and vigorous development tendency. According to Nelson’s telephone interview in May, […]

China Focus on Adolfo Domínguez from Spain

Adolfo Domínguez is a company with a great tradition. The company’s beginnings date back to 1973. Everything started in a small tailoring workshop where gradually the brand started building its image and reputation. Then in the 1980s the slogan “Wrinkles are Beautiful,” the firm’s mark of identity and one of the most famous sayings to […]