China Focus on Adolfo Domínguez from Spain

Adolfo Domínguez is a company with a great tradition. The company’s beginnings date back to 1973. Everything started in a small tailoring workshop where gradually the brand started building its image and reputation. Then in the 1980s the slogan “Wrinkles are Beautiful,” the firm’s mark of identity and one of the most famous sayings to come out of the Spanish fashion world, was born. Adolfo Domínguez has enriched and continues to enrich the fashion world with the timeless beauty of his sleek cuts.

China focus on the new Adolfo Domínguez shop in Beijing

Adolfo Domínguez opened its first store in Beijing in 2010, which is also its fifth store in China. Adolfo Domínguez attended the opening and the fashion show  himself. Many Chinese government officials also attended the event. Adolfo Domínguez also plans to hold a fashion design show in Beijing every six month. These activities all demonstrated how important Domínguez believes it is to gain control of the immense Chinese market. Focus groups in China also show that Adolfo Domínguez is becoming more popular in Beijing and in China overall.

Adolfo Domínguez’s Main Competitors: Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci

Adolfo Domínguez faces the most competition from other world-famous brands in the fashion industry, especially Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna and Gucci. Adolfo Domínguez is still young and needs more experience as well as time to enrich its brand and rival more established competitors.

When he was only sixteen years old, Louis Vuitton made a decision that not only changed his own life but the lives of his sons and future generations: he became a trunk-maker. In 1886 Georges Vuitton revolutionized luggage locks with an ingenious closing system that turned travel trunks into treasure chests. And at the 100th anniversary of the brand, it asked six designers to create original pieces to celebrate the iconic canvas that was created over a century ago.

The Ermenegildo Zegna Group today is one of Italy’s most famous family owned enterprises. Over the last century the business gene and entrepreneurial spirit has been passed down through the generations, ensuring that the name Zegna remains synonymous with luxury. Growth has been possible through shrewd diversification of the company’s product offering, which now ranges from clothing to accessories, and strategies which have enabled the Ermenegildo Zegna brand to grow successfully throughout the world.

Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands. The brand designs, manufactures and distributes high-end products such as leather goods (handbags, small leather goods, and luggage), shoes, ready-to-wear, silks, timepieces and fine jewelry. Eye wear and fragrances are made and distributed under license by global leaders in these two sectors.

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