China Paradigm 107: All you need to know about the spa business in China

SPA management

Matthieu David interviews Johnny Chang Founder at Spa Solutions Training and Management Consultancy Ltd., Shanghai. How big is the spa industry in China and how much more of a quality service does it offer compared to the West? What training does Spa Solutions offer emerging spa businesses and in what way is the spa industry […]

Podcast transcript #61: How telemedicine in China affects various health projects

telemedicine China

Find here the China paradigm episode 61. Learn more about Stephane Muller-Margot’s life in China and find out fast and useful facts about telemedicine in China, healthcare projects in China as well as technology projects in China. MATTHIEU DAVID: Hi everyone. I am Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue Consulting and its podcast, China Paradigm. […]

AI in the healthcare sector in China: current trends and applications | Daxue Consulting

AI in the healthcare sector in China

AI in the healthcare sector in China The History of AI in China’s healthcare industry In the early 1980s, China began to develop research in the field of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Although it first lagged behind developed countries, it has developed rapidly. Since the beginning of the 21st century, AI in China’s healthcare industry […]

A race to parenthood: IVF services in China

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How important is the role played by foreign providers of IVF services in China?               The market for IVF services in China is booming. IVF, which stands for “in vitro fertilization”, is a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology whereby the egg of a woman is fertilized by the male […]

Hospital industry in China

Thanks to the market demand stimulus and stable influx of national investment, Chinese hospital industry has maintained stable growth in recent years. By March 2013, China had a total of 23,510 hospitals; 13,344 are state-owned hospitals and 10,166 private-owned hospitals with an AAGR of 14.69% compared to 2012. In particular, the proportion of private-owned hospitals […]