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How to do Guochao marketing: In-depth interviews with Chinese gen Z

What is Guochao marketing “GUO CHAO” (literally “national trend”) refers to the increase consumer favoritism towards Chinese brands, designs and culture. Guochao consumers embrace Chinese cultural designs and products made in China. 75% of Chinese consumers surveyed state they like products that incorporate Guochao design elements. To learn more about Guochao marketing, we conducted in-depth […]

Why and how to do in-depth interviews in China with market insiders?

ricerche di mercato in Cina

Conducting in-depth interviews in China is a key feature of any market research In-depth interviews in China (IDI research) are techniques of qualitative research in China that involve conducting intensive individual interviews, usually with a small number of respondents, to analyze their perspectives, experiences or feelings regarding a particular market situation, marketing concepts or anticipated […]