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Paper market in China

paper market in china

Paper market in China Rapid growth and intermittent slowdown in paper industry The paper industry in China hasn’t changed much and has barely been affected by its industrial reform and open-up of the 1980s and early 1990s. According to statistics shown in 1999, total output volume of paper and paper board in the paper market […]

Aluminum market in China

aluminium market in China

The Aluminum market in China Domestic demand on aluminum market in China is booming China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of aluminum. It comes as no surprise since China almost plays a significant and decisive role in a range of commodities worldwide. Driven by large-scale urbanization, transportation and increasing population as well as […]

Market report: Chemical Industry in China

chemical industry in China

Market report: Chemical Industry in China After textiles and machinery, the chemical industry is the third largest in China and accounted for nearly 10% of the nation’s GDP in 2013. Due to the massive globalization, market reports see continuous and growing demand for chemical products in China. However, despite promising growth, chemical industry in China […]