Car ownership vs hailing in China: substitutes are gaining traction in China mobility market

Considering growing number of population and wide adoption of disruptive perceptions, China’s car market has entered a brand-new phase where it has achieved a great number of car ownership and new car registrations. The market rapidly emerges into boutique sectors like renting, leasing, new energy vehicles and car-hailing. Now fewer consumers think of cars as […]

Mobile Banking in China

mobile banking in CHina

Mobile Banking in China [More market research in China] In 2012, the number of mobile banking usage reaches 150 million in China. This is 40% of world’s total. And the number is still rising. In 2012 users had grown by 100%, and transaction value had grown by 300%. Chinese Banks’ Strategy in Mobile Banking: CMBC […]

How ZTE started: the importance to enter China market in time

How ZTE started

How ZTE started: the importance to enter China market in time High-tech and communications are largely encouraged by government in China. The companies, which could predict such a demand in 80’s, are now the leaders of telecommunications industry. ZTE is one of such companies, which was established in 1985 by Hou Weigui. Our focus is […]