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Educational tourism market in China: rapid growth fueled by demand for holistic education

The educational tourism market in China, encompassing both domestic and international tours, has experienced a strong rebound post-pandemic, shown by a surge in demand for study tours in summer 2023. National policies and parental preferences present promising opportunities for market growth, driving key players to offer diverse international and local tour options. Educational tourism predominantly […]

Market Study on Chinese International Student and Education Institution

Chinese go study abroad According to a market research in China, at the end of 2010, more than 1.27 million Chinese students study overseas. And the ‘Open Doors’ from Institute of International Education in the U.S. unveiled that, within the 2011-2012 school year, the total number of international students of American colleges and universities increased […]

Focus group: New Oriental in China

New Oriental New Oriental Education & Technology Group was established in Beijing on November 16, 1993. As a famous Chinese private educational institution, New Oriental Education & Technology Group has been listed on the New York stock exchange in the United States since 2006. Why will New Oriental succeed? First, it starts with the company’s management and staff. It has a hard-working and loyal team highlighted by members such as Qiang Wang, one of New Oriental’s co-founders. It also pays great attention to the talents of its employees as provides them with specialized training. The staff is very motivated compared […]