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Will the 2024 Olympics become an impetus to the popularity of breakdancing in China?

breakdancing in China

On December 7, 2020, the International Olympic Committee held a meeting and agreed to add four major events including breakdancing, skateboarding, surfing, and rock climbing to the Olympic Games. In the movie “Eight Minutes in Paris” shown at the closing ceremony of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, breakdancing was first introduced on the stage of […]

How Olympic games contributed to the popularity of skateboarding in China

skateboarding in China

Skateboarding is a culture, a way of life, and of course a big industry. The sport has been in China for more than 20 years. Over the last few years, street cultures such as rap, hip hop dance and skateboarding have flourished in China, and fashion brands such as Nike, Vans and Palace have become […]

Chinese netizens reflections on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: National pride is alive and well

Chinese netizens reactions to the 2020 Toyko Olympics

Whether China won 38 or 42 gold medals, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics caused a rise of netizens commentary on Chinese social media. Through social media listening we gained a deeper understanding China’s national pride, but also openness and appreciation of other cultures.  Here are the main takeaways from social listening regarding Chinese netizens reflections on […]