O2O business in China: Domestic Monopoly?

Daxue Consulting

China counts 618 million Internet users, double the total population of the United States. The Chinese internet ecosystem is the largest in the world but also one of the most isolated. Barriers between the Chinese internet and the rest of the world isn’t just a result of Chinese censorship of many foreign sites and services, […]

Start an Online Luxury Business in China

Searching for wealthy customers beyond China’s urban areas, luxury-goods makers are opening shop in a new location: the Chinese Internet. China is the world’s second-largest market for luxury brands when counting purchases by Chinese consumers world-wide and is set to overtake Japan for No. 1 in a few years, according to consulting firm Bain & […]

Group-buying Websites in China

Group-buying , a New Hot Business in China A consumer revolution caused by the internet called B2T (Business to Team) internationally spread to China two years ago. In November 2008, the American Website Groupon was founded, creating a sales model of “one deal a day” and “team purchasing”.  In 2010, many websites using the model […]