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China’s approach to excessive packaging: strategies and future

overpackaging in China

The issue of excessive packaging has long been a contentious topic in China. In 2010, China introduced a mandatory standard aimed at curbing excessive packaging for various products, including food and cosmetics. According to a report from the China Consumers Association, a significant majority of consumers, 80.7%, are against excessive packaging, with only 14.7% expressing […]

The green step towards less waste – A glance at China’s new packaging regulation

On August 10, 2021, the Chinese State Regulation for Market Regulation (SAMR) launched a set of new provisions restricting excessive packaging of food and cosmetics (GB23350-202X) in China under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The new packaging regulation in China replaces the previous provisions defined in 2009 and is to […]

A guide to product packaging sizes in China


China’s retail industry looked promising in the first quarter; the retail sales of consumer goods excluding automobiles was 3,155.4 billion yuan (USD 492.2 billion) in March, a 34.2% increase from last year. This gives a positive outlook for consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies as consumption rebounds in China. However, the rising competition intensity and changing consumer […]