Air Pollution in China: Why Does Indoor Air Quality Matter?

Air pollution in China

Air pollution in China is a major concern for Chinese people. Chinese central and local governments have been taking action during these past few years, leading to strong air quality improvements. Still, these measures are only the start of long-term efforts to get air that can be considered healthy. Air quality issue is about outdoor […]

Xiaomi's Air Purifier: Brand Extension to Connected Home Appliances

To know more about China’s market, contact at Under serious competition from other brands, like Samsung, Sharp, TCL, and Honeywell; Xiaomi pioneers in air purifier by providing high-quality products at lower prices. What are the reasons beyond its success for its air purifier sales in China? What is the company’s strategy? Market Overview: Xiaomi’s […]

Air Purifier Market in China: Facing Transformation

Air Purifier Market in China

The Air Purifier Market in China  In recent years, Chinese’s worsening air pollution makes air quality become a focus of concern for citizens. This enables the explosive sales growth of the air purifier market in China which are sold deeply related to the air quality fluctuation. However, the proliferation of purifier brands in China, with […]