China Paradigm 102: Learn from a B2B sales expert in China

B2B sales expert in China

Learn more about B2B sales in China Matthieu David interviews Yoann DELWARDE, CEO & co-founder at Infinity Growth. If your company is struggling with Sales, do not fire your sales team. It’s probably way more efficient to hire a Sales coach. Infinity Growth can be helpful when it comes to teaching Sales tactics and knowledge […]

Case study of the laptop market in China | Daxue Consulting

Foreign laptop brands in China

Laptops in China The laptop market in China has regained its large sales volume due to the huge increase of gaming laptops, with their Intel ninth-generation processor, NAVIDA high-speed chips, architectural graphics and ultra-thin body structure. In the past, consumer demand for PCs was threatened by the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, which can satisfy […]