Keys to nostalgia marketing in China: Qualitative research on what makes Chinese millennials and gen Z nostalgic

Research on nostalgia in China

Nostalgia marketing aims to capture customers’ attention by appealing to cherished memories. Nostalgia marketing is done through returning to concepts from an earlier phase in target consumers’ lives like family, holidays, and school, through triggers like music, tastes and images, or through pairing with popular brands, products and icons from childhood and early adulthood. From […]

Mini sensory research: Coca-Cola Fiber Plus taste test | Daxue Consulting

Coca-Cola Fiber Plus in China

Coca-Cola Fiber Plus in the Chinese market. Coca-Cola Plus, which has added fiber, first debuted in Japan in 2017. According to Coca-Cola, it has exceeded launch projections. In February 2019, the sleek white bottle started to be spotted in convenience stores in Shanghai, China. Will Coca-Cola Fiber Plus be as successful in China as it […]

Daxue’s Expertise with Sensory Fingerprints in China

Sensory Fingerprints in China

Defining Sensory Evaluation in China Sensory evaluation in China is a scientific research methodology in which Daxue Consulting applies the principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to human senses (taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing). It comprises a variety of methodologies and several applications in many different industries and fields. Sensory Analysis, also called sensory […]