Market research: Skin care in China

Aggressive new product launches along with increasing awareness about professional skin care products will enable the cosmetics market in China to grow significantly in the next two years. Currently, China provides one of the fastest growing and still untapped cosmetics markets in the world. The skin care segment in particular, has been a key growth […]

Market analysis: Herborist in China

Herbotist is the brand that entered China middle and high end personal care market in year 1998. Combined with modern technology, herbs are made great use of in the products of Herborist. Ever since its entrance into the market, Herborist has won a special reputation with its brand positioning and sales channel. It has now […]

Market analysis: Garnier in China

Garnier, named after Alfred Amour Garnier, the French chemist, was founded in 1903 when Garnier invented a hair washing product using plant extracts. Later the brand was bought by L’Oreal Paris, and became one of the brands of L’Oreal Group. Currently, it is the second largest brand in L’Oreal. Despite its great success, Garnier still […]